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#Ladies, it's time to ditch the wine and try CBD instead!

Debbie, a single mother of two, was used to juggling her busy life. But lately, she found herself feeling more tired and irritable than usual. Her periods had become irregular, and she experienced hot flashes that made it hard to sleep.

After talking to her healthcare provider, she learned that she was in pre-menopause. Debbie was relieved to know that what she was experiencing was normal, but she was also worried about how it would impact her already hectic life.

With the help of her provider, she developed a plan to manage her symptoms and prioritize self-care.

Debbie felt ##arriccasholistics #faithbuilders #GenerationalCurseBreaker #wealthbuilder #generationalwealth #healingwomenofcolor #traumahealing #beliefinself #beliefsystem empowered knowing that she was taking care of her health and well-being, and she was grateful for the support of her provider and loved ones during this transition.

Not only can it help with pre-menopause symptoms like insomnia and anxiety, but it won't leave you with a hangover. #CBDvsWine #PreMenopauseRelief #NoHangover #arriccasholistics #faithblogger #blackownedwomenbusiness #blackownedsmallbusiness #generationalwealth

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